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HR service for small business employers

Getting the best from your people is the bedrock of business success - but Human Resources can be a minefield. Without the correct policies in place you can be open to costly grievance and dismissal claims up to an eyewatering £68,000.

The HR experts at KMC help you protect your business with the right procedures, save money and create a happier company with a better working environment. If you're already facing a claim, our troubleshooters can help you limit the damage.

To help you grow your business, we offer operational management covering business systems, Health & Safety, restructures and management consultancy to give you vital competitive edge.

HR service for employees

You're not alone when you have KMC's HR specialists at your side. Whether it's a dispute at work or confidential personnel matter, we can lead you through the procedural nightmare with clear, straightforward action. We are the stress-free option.

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Low-cost outsourced HR in Kent, Essex and London

Our flexible freelance HR service is perfect for companies with no in-house HR. Prices start from as little as £20 per hour for employee advice. The charge for employer/corporate advice is subject to the requirements of the business. Our associate membership with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development ( is reassurance of our expertise.

Legislation is changing all the time - make sure you have solid measures in place to manage all employee welfare issues.

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We work with businesses from accountants to dentists, licensed premises to the building trade. Read why our clients love us - and think what we can do for you.

Employment problems

"Mike provided clear, expert advice in an easy to digest, no-frills style that was perfect for the situation. He always responded quickly to questions with a highly informed level of detail. He went above and beyond my expectations and was a great source of comfort which was an added bonus during a time of great stress."
Joanna Whittle-Sas-Bilinska
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HR and security systems

"Fantastic service ... Mike will always go beyond the call of duty and has a passion for ensuring a job is done accurately and thoroughly. I always get concise, honest and detailed feedback, which enables me to feel confident and know where I stand. I have regularly referred friends and colleagues to Mike and he has done me proud and they have been very grateful. Mike is a problem solver, a man who can walk into a company, analyse what needs to happen and implement time and cost-effective solutions."
Matt Stafford
Smart Solutions

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